At Ashhurst Engineering and Construction, we have a well-equipped, machining shop, where we can machine a wide range of items and all types of materials. Our qualified Maintenance & Diagnostic Engineers can machine castings to exact tolerances and manufacture components from materials including: alloy, stainless steel and aluminium.


  • 2 Milling Machines
  • Dividing Head
  • Shaper
  • 2m Lathe
  • 5m Lathe
  • 2 CNC Machining Centres
  • Radial Arm Drill
  • Variety of Tooling


  • Complete in-house service reducing cost and time
  • Reputation for quality and on-time delivery
  • Qualified Fitter Turners with over 25 years experience
  • ISO9001 Certified: 2015, which ensures quality systems and processes throughout the business.

Milling Machine

  • Rotary table for mounting components
  • Digital readout displaying measurements to 100th mm
  • Machines holes to any given pitch circle diameter (PCD)

Mill Drill Mill


  • 2m and 5m Lathes - for precision cutting, polishing, knurling, thread cutting, machining of crankshafts, tapering, boring and oversize and length machining

5m Lathe


CNC Machining Centre

We can work to your exact specifications from a standard schematic drawing, or design solutions to meet your requirements.

Click the following link to view the operation of our: CNC Machining Centre

CNC Machining Centre

Radial Arm Drill

  • Drilling and tapping of large, full and blind holes into various thickness plates

    Radial Arm Drill