At Ashhurst Engineering and Construction, AEC, we're committed to supporting our local community, and we welcome applications for sponsorship grants to support non-profit organisations with a local community focus.

Applications for grants can be made informally and are not tied to any particular deadline, however the project (with costs and schedule) should be explained in detail in writing, and must be for a non-profit organisation.

Sponsorship application process

Step 1: Make sure your project and organisation meet the criteria above.

Step 2: Complete our Sponsorship Application Form. Please ensure that you provide as much detail as possible about your project, organisation and sponsorship requirements, so that we can properly evaluate your application.

Step 3: Submit your completed application, at least three months prior to the scheduled start date, to:

Ashhurst Engineering & Construction Co. (1989) Ltd
85-87 York St
PO Box 14
New Zealand

Step 4: Proposals are reviewed by the management team to assess suitability, feasibility and resources required. We will contact you to inform you if your proposal has been approved.

Most recent sponsorship

Ashhurst Engineering & Construction are proud to have sponsored or made donations to the following groups and fundraising projects:


Bike Manawatu

2021 NZ National Tournament Water Skiing Championships - Under 21 Mens

Manawatu Four Wheel Drive Club - National 4x4 Champs

Manawatu Triathlon Club "I Tried the Tri" series

Manfield Signage

Ashhurst Bowling Club


Ashhurst School End of Year Magazine

Blue September

Manawatu Tri Club "I Tried the Tri"

Ashhurst Bowling Club

Manfield Signage

RECAP - Traps at the Deerford Loop Track


Talent Central

Ashhurst School

Bike Manawatu 2019

Suzuki Extreme 4x4 Challenge

Ashhurst Pohangina Rugby Football Club

Ashhurst Bowling February Club Event

Manawatu Tri Club "I Tried the Tri"

Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter


Ronald McDonald House

Gravel & Tar Classic

Benjamin Wall - Simplot Games

Dylan Simpson - Australian National Capital tour - cycling

I Tri'd The Tri Series

Arapaki Mountain Bike Club

NZ Special Needs Children

Ashhurst Bowling Club Fours Competition Upcoming 2019 Tournament

Bike Manawatu Gold Sponsorship

David Martin – World Triathlon Championships, Australia

Adam Martin - World Triathlon Championships, Australia

NZ Cycling talent Development Project

Central Hockey - National Hockey League Competition

Suzuki Extreme 4x4 Challenge

PNGHS - Prize Giving Voucher 2018


Ashhurst Athletic and Harrier Club

Cure Kids Manawatu Fundraiser

Ashhurst Pohangina Football Club

Contribution to Wanganui Velodrome Roof Project

Ashhurst Rugby Club

Ashhurst School PTA - Comedy Night

Ashhurst Bowling Club Four Tournament

Westpac Chopper Appeal

Suzuki Extreme 4x4 Challenge

Bike Manawatu Cycle Challenge

Central Hockey Under 21 Women's Team

Central District's Predator Kontiki Tournament

Autism NZ

Pork Pie Charity Run- https://www.porkpie.co.nz/


Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter

Ashhurst Athletics Ribbon Day

Ashhurst School Magazine

Manawatu Schools Cycling - http://manawatuschoolscycling.com / https://www.facebook.com/CyclingNZLSchools/

Bike Manawatu Novice Tour 2016

National Schools Cycling Champs 2016 - https://www.facebook.com/events/579287805584937/?active_tab=posts

Ashhurst Pohangina Football Club

Manawatu Track Cycling Club

Westmount School Manawatu Campus

900 Degrees - Child Safety Handbook

2016 Manawatu Turbos 500 Club — www.turbosrugby.co.nz

Central Hockey Under 21 Women's Team

Arapuke Forest Mountain Bike Park Trail

Manfield Six Hour Cycle

Suzuki Extreme 4x4 Challenge


Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter

Ashhurst Masonic Duck Shooters

Ashhurst Bowling Club

Ronald McDonald House

Wanganui Four Wheel Drive Club

Ashhurst School 2015 School Magazine

Manawatu Turbos — www.turbosrugby.co.nz

Destination Manawatu - Cycle Challenge

Wanganui Collegiate School - Cycling Uniforms

Central Hockey Under 18 Women's Team

Concordia Netball Club Uniforms

Suzuki Extreme 4x4 Challenge — article

Manawatu Racing Club


Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter

Huntley School - Cycling Uniforms

Manawatu Rugby - Junior & Secondary Schools

Ronald McDonald House

900 Degrees - Child Safety Handbook

Manawatu Turbo's - 2015 Prize giving

Ashhurst School 2014 School Magazine

Special Children's Christmas Party

Manawatu Rugby Football Union

Ashhurst School Newsletter

Friends of Rescue Helicopter

Manawatu Trust "4AG Walking for Charity"

PNGHS Senior A Touch Tournament

Sweet Louise Cancer Support Group

Alpha Precision Eng "School Walkathon Sponsorship"

Environment Network Manawatu's "Global Day of Climate Action"


900 Degrees NZ 2008 Ltd

Wanganui 4WD Club

Ashhurst Bowling Club Tournament

Autism NZ inc

Huntley School Rugby Academy

Humphries Construction "Project Rebuild Corey Swensson"

Heart Kids Day Out

Hiwinui School

Relay For Life

Ashhurst Plunket Centre

Ashhurst Playcentre

Manawatu Turbos Rugby

Manawatu Secondary School Rugby

Manawatu Junior Rugby

Ashhurst/Pohangina Race Cup Day


Manawatu Turbos Rugby

Heart Kids Day Out

Cowper Engineering for the National 4WD Series

Ashhurst Squash Club Junior Kids Tournament

Ashhurst Community Park Bench Seat

Hiwinui School

Foster for Kids

Green Corridor

Ashhurst School Newsletter

Ashhurst Rugby

Angels for Children

Ashhurst/Pohangina Squash Club

Ashhurst School Board

Ashhurst Bowling Club Tournament Sponsorship

Awapuni Race Sponsorship

Autism NZ Inc.

TASCforce Cycle Team Ashhurst

Huntley School Golf Tournament