Customer Testimonials

AEC1989 Building Milky Way

"The project has been a major success and we would like to acknowledge that this could not have occurred without the outstanding service that AEC provided. We would like to thank AEC for the dedication you showed to providing quality products within the tight timeframes. We appreciate the manner in which AEC worked, in a transparent and open nature. This positive outcome would also not have been possible without the dedication of the wider AEC fabrication staff. We also thank them for the efforts they put in and the quality and workmanship of the product provided" - Transpower May 2022

"Just a wee note to say thanks to the guys that worked the last fortnight installing the new ladders and headgate lifting rods & guides at the #2 DIV tunnel" – Mangahao May 2022

"We really appreciate the rapid turnaround on this job. Thanks very much for pushing it through so quickly" – Kordia March 2022

"You’ve all been a great help to me, and your advice and suggestions have been most welcome, making my job easier. I’ve really appreciated all the times you went the extra mile for me" – Ventia March 2022

"Thanks Dave, AEC have been and are excellent contractors and people to work with. The industry is fortunate to have you guys around" – Mercury January 2022

"We greatly appreciate the professionalism and the integrity around safety that your staff showed during such a condensed work program. Many thanks for all of the efforts from you and your people" – Genesis May 2021

"Just wanted to pass on my thanks and our clients’ thanks for the earth switch that you and your team manufactured. It was a great outcome and awesome to see you are still able to build these old items with improvements that have been made to make them more reliable" - Ventia March 2021

"Also, we’d like to note the helpful & friendly way your guys have assisted with the installs of the plates, tow balls etc. Please pass on our appreciation for the high degree of co-operation & ‘no-probs’ attitudes, to all those concerned "– Te Ahu Turanga March 2021

"Just a quick note to acknowledge the extra time and effort (extra mile) that you, your team, and other suppliers have contributed during 2020. I sincerely thank you for what as truly has been a MONSTER of a year with significant global and local events compounding to impact our people, business, and supply chains. Through your commitment, resilience and a “can do attitude” we have managed to quickly adapt, navigate uncertainty, and handle significant business disruptions as we continue with our important work, ensuring the safe operation, maintenance, and development of New Zealand’s National Grid" – Transpower December 2020


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