Site Work

To complement our manufacturing services, we can send staff to your location, anywhere in the world, to undertake installations and ongoing site work.

This service can go well beyond basic installation of components, to include ongoing maintenance or input at any stage of a project.

Staff qualifications

At Ashhurst Engineering and Construction, AEC, We have a total of approximately 45 staff with a range of industry qualifications including:

  • AS/NZS 2980 Welders Certificates in multiple processes and positions
  • Forklift Operators Certificates
  • Working at Heights competency to US 23229, 25045, 17600, 15757
  • Hazard Identification Competency to US 17602
  • Confined Space Competence to AS/NZ 2685:2009
  • Entry Approval Certificate (Electricity industry)
  • Permit-holder certificate
  • Restricted Area Entry Competence for Transpower Sites
  • All Workshop staff are First Aid & CPR Competent to US 26551, 26552
  • Truck Mounted Crane Operator Competency to US 16617
  • Overhead Gantry Operator Competency to US 3800
  • Sling and Communication Competency to US 3789
  • MEWP Competency to US 23960, 23962, 23963, 23966
  • E1 Transmission Line Competency to TPSS 06.20


  • Portable generator and welders to take on-site
  • Crane truck for lifting and transport
  • Portable site office
Goliath Crane Upgrade 2009
Goliath Crane Upgrade 2009