Charpy Impact Test Machine


Ashhurst Engineering now offers in house Charpy impact testing to ensure material compliance with the relevant industry standards. The tests can be undertaken at various temperatures to meet your requirements.

The machine has been certified by Australian
Calibration Services in accordance to BS EN ISO
148-2:2008 and the impact tests are done in
accordance with BS EN ISO 148-1:2010Charpy Control Charpy Impact Machine

The Charpy testing machine is available with 2

Pendulums depending on the test requirements:

· 0-150J x 1J increment Pendulum

· 0-300J x 2J increment Pendulum


Standard specimens are 10x10x55mm for materials greater than 10mm thick.

Sub size specimens can also be tested:

· 10x7.5x55mm for materials between 8-10mm thick

· 10x5x55mm for materials 6-8mm thick

· 10x2.5x55mm for materials between 3-6mm thick.


Notching of specimens is undertaken with a
specialist notching machine. This machine is
designed to provide high precision “U” & “V” notches in test samples to meet BS EN ISO 148-3 2008.


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