Ashhurst Engineering and Construction offers hiab services with our DAF 4 axle truck with a 35,000kg Hiab and 4 axle pull trailer and also Isuzu 2 axle truck with UNIC crane. Our hiabs are dispatched dependent on the weight of the load and distance it is to be moved. Ashhurst Engineering and Construction hiab drivers carry the Unit Standard 16617 Truck Mounted Crane qualifications.

Transport, Cranage and EWP Brochure

DAF 4 Axle Truck with a 35,000kg Hiab

General Specification

DAF Deck Length: 6.0m
DAF Deck Width 2.5m
Truck Payload: 8,250kg
Truck Tare Weight: 17,500kg
Maximum Lifting Height: 22m
Maximum Lifting Weight: 16,000kg
Winch Drum Capable of lifting up to 2,500kg
4 Axle Pull Trailer Deck Length: 8.8m
4 Axle Pull Trailer Payload: 24,000kg
HPMV Capable

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Isuzu 2 Axle Truck with UNIC Crane

General Specification

Isuzu Deck Length 5.6m
Isuzu Deck Width: 2.4m
Truck Payload: 5,600kg
Truck Tare Weight: 6,340kg
Maximum Lifting Weight: 3,629 kg
Maximum Lifting Horizontal Reach: 9.75m
Maximum Lifting Vertical Height: 12m

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