Cutting and Folding

At Ashhurst Engineering and Construction, AEC, we offer in-house cutting and folding services for steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and bronze. We also have a Guillotine capable of cutting a 12mm plate up to 4-metres long.


Our Guillotine is quick and efficient, and capable of accurately cutting 12mm medium tensile steel up to 4 metres long

250 tonne Press Break



250T Press Brake

Our workshop is equipped with a 250 tonne Press Brake, capable of folding a 12mm plate up to 4-metres long to 90° and various other tasks.

Scalen Press Brake



CNC 120T Press Brake

Our 120T Press Brake is capable of folding 5mm plate up to 3.6m long. It has a fully automated back stop allowing multiple folds.

In-house CNC profile cutting

CNC Profile Cutting

For in-house CNC profile cutting, we have a 9m x 2.6m bed with one Hy-Definition plasma plus twin gas heads capable of cutting up to 300mm thick plates to the exact specifications of our customers requirements.

Beam Saw



Band Saw

Ashhurst Engineering and Construction, AEC, offers a cutting service for hollow & solid sections up to 18m in length.

Our Band Saw offers high speed cutting with incredible accuracy including mitre cuts up to 60 degrees.


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